20881879_10155581206543134_5603039314104501382_n (1)Welcome to the website of Eric S. Fomley, writer of science fiction and fantasy.

Read below to find out a little more about me, how to contact me, and links to my stories around the web. Thanks for stopping by.

-Eric S. Fomley


Eric S. Fomley, age 26, lives in Garrett, Indiana with his wife and three children. His stories have appeared in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, The Black Library, Flame Tree Press, and Little Blue Marble.


You can contact me directly through my email ericfomley@gmail.com and also on Twitter @PrinceGrimdark.


Short Stories (>1,000 Words)

  • “Unreleased Title” (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar)
    • The Black Library, (Forthcoming)
  • “A Darker World”
    • Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, (Forthcoming)
  • “The Altar”
    • Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Issue 43: March/April 2020
  • “Martian Maintenance”

Flash Fiction (<1,000 Words)