Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber

I’ve been on a bit of a Star Wars kick lately. Something about the new movies coming out6310782
has sparked my childhood interests and I’ve dived back into reading some of the EU even though it isn’t cannon any longer. I decided to give Death Troopers  a try after I saw the rather grotesque cover and the interesting (and somewhat misleading) blurb on the back. What I got was a somewhat interesting Star Wars tale with elements that I’ve not ever even conceived of in the Star Wars universe.

The main story goes that an imperial prison freighter carrying a full load of convicts stumbles upon a derelict star destroyer. They’ve been having ship problems so a team is dispatched to the star destroyer to collect supplies. The team ends up bringing back a pathogen. Despite the ship’s doctor working furiously around the clock almost everyone aboard the freighter dies. The chaos starts when they all start getting back up, with a hunger for the living.

I’ve never really been into zombie tales. Zombies are boring to me, perhaps from the heavy saturation in movies and books over the last decade or so. But zombies in the Star Wars universe actually works out okay. In some sense I feel like it’s some sort of odd violation, but since the EU doesn’t matter anymore, there is room for zombies in Star Wars. the tale was dark, bloody, and sometimes frighteningly gross. But due to my general love of Grimdark fiction, I found the more horror-ish version of an otherwise lighthearted Star Wars tale somewhat refreshing.

Overall I would say the book struggled at times with engagement. There is no shortage of twists and freaky moments, but other times I felt like skimming more than reading. I think the main issue was a lot of cliche character thoughts and actions. It sort of felt like a cheap horror flick. Still, other times I really did enjoy this book. If you like zombie stories and Star Wars, this one is for you. However, if you love Star Wars and think it’s odd to mix in the undead and don’t really care for them, then you should probably pass.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. If you’ve read the novel, feel free to leave yours in the comments below.




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