The Write Life

This is a new site, but not my first. Some of you fantasy blogger types might know me as a reviewer from The Grimdark Review or Deviant Worlds. Still others might know me from my occasional visits to r/fantasy or the Facebook group Grimdark Fiction Readers & Writers. I’ve been around as a blogger and man I love a good fantasy book discussion. Yet, this time it’s a little different.

I’ve tinkered with writing for as long as I can remember. I still remember my first completed story was a Star Trek and Star Wars crossover when I was nine years old. I’m not necessarily proud of that now (actually I kind of am), but I was then. Writing has always been a deep drive of mine, which is odd because pursuing writing can be a little crazy. Pouring a ton of time and energy in creating a story with the biggest payoff being others seeing and reading your story is a strange goal, but I have the goal nonetheless.

For several months I’ve been wanting to take my writing more seriously. I’m ready for that to happen now. I’m pushing to create and publish many stories over the next several months and years and I hope that if you enjoy what I put out that you will join me along the way. I’m new to the journey, but I’m excited for what it may have in store. Welcome to my author page, and I hope to see you around!


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