Port of Shadows by Glen Cook



I finally got around to reading Port of Shadows over the weekend. Glen Cook’s Chronicles of the Black Company remains one of my all time favorites and I’ve been looking forward to this release for some time.

The book takes place between The Black Company and Shadows Linger and I was surprised to learn that there is a gap here in the company’s history. The usual suspects are back in this tale and the book enjoys a different atmosphere than many of the others in the series in that the climax of the book does not resolve over the course of a large battle. The story was layered and intricate and quite honestly, despite some negative reviews that I’ve seen that say otherwise, the book reads like a classic company story. Croaker is back as the annalist and his war-correspondent voice and somewhat self-import attitude steer the story in a familiar and enjoyable way.

This book was a pleasure to read and it was fun to get back with some old friends. I would definitely recommend it for any Black Company or Cook fans out there still on the fence about giving it a read.

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