Writing Update: May 2021

May was a good month on the writing front. I wrote seven new pieces of fiction, a few of which have already been edited and sent out into the world.

I had a few stories release in May. My science fiction story from an alien viewpoint, “The Gambler” appeared in the Flash in a Flash newsletter. This was a closed newsletter to subscribers only so I don’t have a link to share. My dystopian drabble “Outcast,” which was written for the “Do you want fries with that?” prompt from the Codex Writers’ Group, appeared on Stupefying Stories. My dark sci-fi story “A Bag of Soldiers,” which takes place in my dark space opera setting Dreadspace, appeared in Trembling with Fear.

As for sales, I placed two stories in May. My Davy Jones inspired horror drabble “The Locker” will appear in The Deep, a Hundred Word Horror anthology from Ghost Orchid Press. My micro science fiction story “Playing Together” will appear in Daily Science Fiction.

Here’s my 2021 numbers:

Total Stories Written: 15

Total Stories Placed: 6

Pro: 3

Semi-pro: 2

Token: 1

I have a lot more stories out in slush piles and hopefully June will bring more good news.

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