100 Story Challenge Update

I’ve given my challenge some more thought over the past few days and have decided to refine it. In an effort to hopefully sell more stories to professional markets, I’m going to do the only thing I can do to control that: write more stories! 100 to be exact.

So, to push myself to achieve this goal, I’ve given myself some guidelines:

  • Each story tracked as one of the 100 stories will be new and not an old story or previous draft I have laying around.
  • Each story will be 500 words or longer. This doesn’t mean I won’t still write shorter stories, they just won’t count towards my goal of 100 stories.
  • Stories will be edited using the “Three Strike Method” Douglas Smith describes in his book Playing the Short Game aka, I will limit my revision process to three drafts spaced at least a week apart to give the story time to rest and make sure I’m giving each story plenty of attention before sending it out the door.
  • Each story will be the best I can make it.
  • I will not revise after initial submission, unless a rewrite is requested by an editor.
  • I will only send the 100 stories to professional markets until all markets are exhausted.
  • I’ll have my 100 stories written by the time I’m 30, July 7th, 2023.
  • I’ll post monthly updates on how I’m progressing through the goal as well as any exciting events such as sales etc.

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