[Productivity] New Short Started

Words Written Today: 200

Project: Science Fiction Short Story (New Project)

I neglected to post last night but I got my first few paragraphs down for the new science fiction short story. I’m a little worried that my idea isn’t plausible in this story so rather or not I continue this story today or start another remains to be seen, but at least there’s some words on the page.


[Productivity] Another Flash Finished

Words Written Today: 610

Project: Science Fiction Flash (Complete)

I intended to write a short story today but wound up with a nagging idea for another flash piece. It came to the page pretty quickly and I don’t think it will take much to get it whipped into shape. I like when that happens. It’s a very odd story, but I think it’s salable. I’ll try my hand at the short story tomorrow, barring other flash idea.


[Audiobook Recommendation] Science Fiction Favorite by Isaac Asimov

13133547I’ve just finished listening to Science Fiction Favorites by Isaac Asimov. The audiobook is a collection of Asimov’s favorite tales written over his illustrious career and, my favorite part, they’re read by him personally. I enjoyed the collection of stories for its variety of science fiction themes and tropes and also for Asimov’s personal touch. They’re his stories and he knows where to put inflection on the words and phrases. Listening to him read his own stories was a treat, like sitting next to the fire and being transported to other worlds. His stories in this collection are fun and funny as well as dark and foreboding and I enjoyed the variety of tone. If you’re in the market for an audiobook, consider giving this one a try.


[Productivity] Flash is Down

Words Written Today: 883

Project: Sci-fi Flash (Completed)

This one was another android flash story. The story was more military centered than my usual fare but it was fun to write. I’m really not sure how salable this one will be but I intend to fix it up and send it out soon. With this story I need to sit on it for a while to see what it’s missing.

I’m hoping to write a sci-fi short story tomorrow that I’ve got the opening scene in mind for.


[Productivity] Story Done, on to the Next

Words Written Today: ~1,000

Project: Fantasy Short Story (First Draft Finished)

This one has a sort of old school pulp feel and I’m not entirely sure how marketable it is but it was fun to write. We have a blind sword-master pulled by a dark god’s wishes through a tormenting situation against darker powers and blood magic sorcery. The tale came in at 2,192-words. I’m hoping to fix it up into a cleaner state this weekend but I still plan to knock out a sci-fi flash that’s been swimming around in my head tomorrow.


[Productivity] Progress

Words written today: 1,005

Project: Fantasy Short Story (continuation from yesterday)

I made good headway on the story. I’m hoping to wrap up the first draft tomorrow on lunch break. It’s a bit of a mess but I’ll get it hammered out and sent (hopefully) by the end of the weekend.

[Productivity] Slow Start

Words written today: 251

Project: Fantasy Short Story (new project)

Not quite the first day I was shooting for but words made it onto the page and I can only go up from here. I started a new fantasy short story and have a science fiction flash planned next or in case I get stuck on this one. I’m hoping to knock out most of the draft of the short story on lunch break tomorrow at work. We’ll see!

My First Year

In a few days, on August 29th, it will be a year to the day since I sold my first short story to a professional science fiction market. Since that day I’ve committed to submitting only to the top markets, to the markets I’d be most proud to have my stories in.

Selling a story to a professional magazine was something I reached for casually until April of last year. I really buckled down and tried to submit my stuff to where it would be read the most. I racked up a lot of acceptances last year, a little over thirty-five story sales. But I found I wasn’t overly pleased or excited with the places my work was appearing. So I committed to submitting to the best and just four months later made my first sale.

Since then, over the past year, I’ve managed to sell seven more stories to professional markets. I have three sales to Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, two to Daily Science Fiction, one to Flame Tree, one to Little Blue Marble, and one to a secret venue that I don’t yet have permission to share.

It’s easy for me to feel like I didn’t accomplish enough in my first year as a professional selling writer. There were so many times when I felt like I should be writing and just plain wasn’t. I really wasn’t overly productive over the last year when I look back and see the way I spent my free time, but it’s something I intend to change.

I’ve been reading a lot about how some of my favorite writers like Joe Lansdale, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Theodore Sturgeon, and others wrote and how they are or were so prolific. The common denominator between my favorite short fiction writers is writing every day and writing even when you don’t feel like it. Going into my second year of writing stories, I really want to push myself to write every day, or as close to every day, as possible. I think eight professional sales is a good number, and by no means do I anticipate to repeat my first year, but I think with more dedication on my part I can really push myself to get more stories out there and improve as a writer.

The biggest change I plan on implementing to push myself is to better utilize this blog space. I want to write in public, posting about how many words I’m accomplishing each day to encourage myself to keep producing the words so as to not look like a fool. So in an effort to not look like a fool, I will write every day and try to post a daily blog post to share how this challenge goes. I published eight stories in pro venues, let’s see if I can get more in year two.


Story Sale

My ~2,500-word science fiction story “The Altar” has sold to Galaxy’s Edge Magazine. This marks my third sale to Mike at Galaxy’s Edge and seventh overall professional sale. “The Altar” is a somewhat pulpy science fiction story about a carpenter who receives a somewhat abnormal request for an obscene amount of money. I’ll keep you up to date on when the story hits the market so you can give it a read yourself.

Story Release: “I Love You More”

My short-short science fiction story “I Love You More” is published in Issue 38 of Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, edited by Mike Resnick. The issue is available to read for free here for a limited time, then available for purchase on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble in print and electronic formats.

I’m thrilled about this one because it was the first story I sold to a pro market, and my first publication to appear in print format. My story is sitting next to some of my favorite writers Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert Silverberg, Alex Shvartsman, and many other amazing writers. The cover art is snazzy and I’m thrilled to already have another story in a future issue. Hop over and give it a read and let me know what you think!