• Out Now: “Blood Drought”

    My short story “Blood Drought,” which takes place in the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar universe, is now out in Inferno! Volume 6. The short story explores a blood starved Khorne warband in the realm of Aqshy. Check it out if you’re a Warhammer fan!

  • Sale: “Form Rejection”

    I sold my story “Form Rejection” to Daily Science Fiction. As the title suggests, this flash is structured like the typical rejection letter a writer might get, only perhaps this submission wasn’t from a writer. I’ve played around with submission structure before with my story “An Urgent Letter to the Editorial Staff!” where I structured the piece like a cover letter. Maybe I’ll write one based on an acceptance so the trifecta can be complete.

  • Out Now: “In the Shade of Shadows”

    My horror story about waking up in a maze where shadows give chase is out in the wild today. The story is apart of the Seven Deadly Sins project from Black Hare Press and is published in the sixth volume Gluttony. The anthology is available by clicking here. Hop over and give it a read if you’re into horror and be mindful of the shadows.

  • Story Release: “The Bodybuilder’s Club”

    My story “The Bodybuilder’s Club” is available now on the wonderful Tales to Terrify podcast.

    Premise: A driver delivering bodies from the coroner’s office to a research institute is stopped by a potential buyer.

    Here’s the link! Drop a comment below and let me know what you think.

  • Story Sale: Prepare for Respawn

    I’m delighted to announce that Daily Science Fiction has purchased my ~950 word story “Prepare for Respawn.” The science fiction flash takes place in a post-human world run by cloud based AI bots. This story is one of my favorite things I’ve written to date and I’m very excited to share it with all of you when it comes out later this year.