Smashwords Holiday Sale

Hello Drabble Lovers!  Smashwords is having a holiday sale through the end of the year on all Martian Magazine Issues, the Yearly Anthology, my short stories, my flash fiction collections, and on Shacklebound Books Flash and Drabble Anthologies as well! Most titles are FREE or $1.49 or less. It’s a good time to stock up…

2022 End of Year Results

2022 was my best year for writing, hands down. I’m very pleased with everything that I wrote, everything that was accepted, and everything that appeared this year. 2022 was also the beginning of something new for me–self publishing. It’s an endeavor that I hope will continue to grow as I expand my number of titles…

Story Sale – “Dry Run”

My flash science fiction story “Dry Run” has sold to the Simultaneous Times Podcast by Space Cowboy Books. The tentative release date for the episode is October 15th. Jean-Paul runs a very high quality podcast worth checking out if you enjoy flash and very short stories. I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

Portals is Out Today!

Portals, a micro collection of five gut wrenching science fiction flash fiction stories is out in the world today! You can buy it anywhere ebooks are sold for only .99! Click here to check it out!


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