An Early Start

I surpassed my reading and writing goals for last year by a lot so I’m going to go ahead and start on my 2019 goals for motivational purposes and just try to get them done by December 1 of next year. So based on last year’s goals and what I want to accomplish this next year, this is what I’m going to try to achieve:

1. Write 52 stories. I write mostly flash (around 80% of my fiction) and wrote 59 stories from January 1 to now, but I want to have that level of productivity next year and hopefully blow right past this number.

2. Read 1,000 short stories. Now, in years past I’ve set a book goal and I typically read 50-75 books a year. However, with the focus I want to put on short fiction, I want to read 1k stories. I think it will be beneficial to my writing too. I’m a first reader at two pro venues so I will not count these, just regular published stories. I’m already preparing my Barnes & Noble anthology buying spree. 😛

3. Pro publish 5 stories. This one will be a hard one. I set a goal of 1 this year and ended up with 3, but they are so hard to get. I didn’t really start subbing to pro venues until mid-year this year and as long as I keep up with my short fiction goal, I hope to be churning out enough stories that this number isn’t quite so unrealistic.

So these are my goals. Additionally, I want to post monthly updates here to keep track of stories read, written, and also for the first time I’d like to keep track of word count—it might be useful in future goals! Every year for the last four years I’ve set some type of goals and have always reached them. This year will be the biggest stretch yet and I really hope to keep up with it. Feel free to follow along to cheer or jeer at your leisure.


Pro Sale #3

My flash fiction story “A Girl Like Us” will appear in the Flame Tree Press Newsletter later today. This sale caught me off guard as so many authors sub to only one available slot in the newsletter each month, and I was pleasantly surprised. This represents my third professional short fiction sale since my first in August.

You can read my story in the newsletter by signing up for free here. The story should publish later today.

Thanks for following along.


Reading/Writing Goals 2019

Today I read my 75th book and completed my 2018 reading and writing goals. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to read 75 books (which I’ve read 75), write 10 short stories (I’ve written 57), and land my first pro sale (I’ve landed 3). So I’ve set my goals for next year already, and they’re a lot more aggressive.

For 2019 I want to read 1,000 short stories, write 52 stories, and pro publish 5. I don’t think these goals are too outrageous with the year I’ve had this year, but we will of course see.

Thanks for following along.


Story Sale – “Toy Hearts”

I received an acceptance today for my science fiction flash story “Toy Hearts” in Asymmetry Fiction, a semi-pro webzine. The story explores the possibility of giving micro bots emotional and cognitive capabilities. It comes in just under 1k words and will be available to read on their site at the end of next month.

Pro Sale #2!

Pro Sale! Two months to the day after my first professional short fiction sale to Galaxy’s Edge, I am excited to announce my second professional short fiction sale. My science fiction story “Leeching for Good” is forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction! I’m very excited about this sale, DSF was one of the first magazines I read regularly and a sale I’ve been hunting the longest.

Pro Sale!

I’m excited to share my first professional short fiction sale. My science fiction story “I Love You More” will appear in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, edited by Mike Resnick.

This is a huge step for me in my writing career. I’m very thrilled to have landed my first sale at the professional level and I hope to share other sales of the same caliber with you soon.


August Update: Short Fiction Roundup

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but I’ve been very productive. Since my last post about my short fiction sale to ArtPost Magazine back on May 8th, I’ve sold thirteen stories and resold two! So here’s the breakdown:

Original Fiction

  • Two science fiction and one horror drabble-length stories and one science fiction flash-length story to Trembling with Fear.
  • A flash-length science fiction story to Exoplanet Magazine.
  •  One horror and two science fiction drabble-length stories to 101 Words.
  • A drabble-length science fiction story to Mad Scientist Journal.
  • A drabble-length horror story to Rhythm & Bones.
  • A flash-length story to Siren’s Call.
  • A short story to the Gunsmoke & Dragonfire anthology.


  • My dark fantasy story “Sins of the Blood” will be reprinted in a future podcast episode of Tales to Terrify.
  • My science fiction flash story “Breakfast Alone” will be reprinted in the January issue of Rhythm & Bones.
  • My drabble “The Astral Queen” will be reprinted in Little Blue Marble.

I’ve updated my Bibliography at the top of the page with links to all works which are available to read for free. Please feel free to check them out and let me know what you think and which are your favorite.