[Story Sale] A Darker World

I’m pleased to announce that the flash fiction story I was asked to revise to short story length has been accepted by Galaxy’s Edge Magazine. This story marks my fourth sale to Galaxy’s Edge in the past year and the third full length short story I’ve sold Mike this year.

I’m very proud of the way this short story came together and I’m excited to see it in print to share with everyone soon.


[Productivity] A Quick Thousand

Words Written Today: 1,100

Project: A Darker World

A few days ago I got a rewrite request on a ~350-word flash piece. I struggled the last few days in figuring out how to expand it to the length the editor was requesting but it all wound up coming together for me this morning. I added a little over 1,100-words to it this morning and then put it through several editing passes. It’s now been sent out to the editor so hopefully I hear something back soon. Over the next few days I’ll be working to finish the edits on my secret project. Hopefully there will be good news soon.


[Productivity] Busy Day Today

I’m working a shift at the day job today, but after I get home I have my work cut out for me. I got a rewrite request on a flash piece last night from a pro market. The editor wants me to increase the length by quite a bit to give the story room to breathe. On top of that I want to finish my edits for the secret project I’ve been working on. It’s a very ambitious plan to think I can knock both of those things out after work, but it’s my plan all the same. Maybe I’ll have some good news soon from one of the two projects. Plus, I still have another story on hold at a pro market. Wish me luck!


[Productivity] New Story

Words Written Today: 300

Project: New Humorous Science Fiction Short Story or Flash

I started a new story last night. I got through the initial first ~250 word slog I always seem to struggle with and it’s shaping up to be something I’ll like. I have started writing a lot more humorous sci-fi, for some reason I enjoy entertaining myself as I’m writing and that often means weird stuff comes onto the page that give me, and hopefully the reader, a laugh. I’m not sure if this one will come out as flash or a very short short story but I’m rooting for the latter so I can send it to some of the bigger markets I’ve not appeared in yet. I’m going to try to get this one tied up in the next couple days.


[Productivity & Publishing Update]

I finished Tomb of the Pirate Lord and sent it out yesterday. I started the copy edits for the first draft of the project I can’t talk about and left the content edits for the weekend, giving them time to simmer. I do have a minor publishing celebration which is I received a hold request on one of my stories from a pro market. Hopefully this turns to good news. We shall see!


[Publishing Update]

Today I received edits on the first draft of a manuscript for a secret project I’m working on for a major IP. The revisions are really straightforward and I’m hoping to knock out the bulk of the work tomorrow. I also plan to finish the first draft of the new story I’ve been working on the last two days. Lots of stuff to do. Hopefully I’ll have good news to share soon.


[Productivity] Weekend Project #2

Words written today: 400

Project: Tomb of the Pirate Lord

My science fiction project isn’t finished like I hoped but I got a good handle on it as well as the structure I want for the story. I think I’ll be able to manage a few hundred more words tomorrow and I’ll have a day off from work on Wednesday to finish. I’ve managed these words with the odd minutes here or there the last few days and I hope to have an actual session tomorrow. I like how it’s coming together and the story should be ready to send out when I’m done.


[Productivity] Weekend Project #1 Done

Words Written Today: 1,000

Project: Science Fiction Short Story I started yesterday

I wrapped up the story from yesterday and after initial cuts it’s at about 1,300 words. I anticipate some growth though as I’m not sure how to incorporate a few details yet. This one needs quite a bit of refinement but I feel like it will be my strongest story yet if I can get the details worked out. I’m having a little trouble because the POV in this one is not in control of their own actions so it is intensely difficult to write in first person. If I can nail this I think I will have learned a new tool. I plan to keep on editing this and writing a new story tomorrow as well.


[Productivity] Weekend Project

Words Written Today: ~500

Project: Science Fiction Short Story (New)

I put the short story I started the other day aside in favor of a new idea I had today. I combined a few ideas that have been bubbling in my head and I really like how this one is going so far. I finally have a day off from work tomorrow and fortune has it that I’m not watching any of my tiny humans so I hope to get this one tied up tomorrow.


[Productivity] Plotting

I’ve been very sick this week which has been a problem for my output. I seem to have caught the summer cold that’s going around my workplace. Super fun. But I’ve spent some time plotting out a couple stories that I’d like to get done over the weekend and hopefully get back on track. We’ll see how they go.