Slushdate November 2018

November was a good month for writing. I’ve added five flash fiction stories to the pile and now have twenty-five stories on submission. I’m still targetting professional venues first, but there is only a limited number I can have flash in at once, so I have several in semi-pro slush piles at venues I admire. I have a few pieces on hold at venues and hopefully will have some acceptances to share soon.

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Slush Update

So here’s a little update on my current writing projects.

  • I have one sci-fi short story out in the slush pool right now. It’s an odd story, and I┬áhave my sights set on a couple of small presses whose work I enjoy. I think it will be a good fit at one of those.
  • This week I wrote two sci-fi micro-flash stories, each is just less than 300 words. They are both pretty well contained, and I’m working on editing them until I’m happy and sending them out to appropriate markets. I’ve been enjoying micro fiction lately, and it’s been both hard and enjoyable to write the little tales.
  • I’m working on a fantasy short story now that I hope will turn out. Unlike a lot of the other stories I’ve been working on, this one lands solidly in the short story length. I like the concept, but it is a challenging sort of story, so there is a lot of work ahead.
  • I’ve got quite a few other ideas in various phases. Since I’ve been pushing myself to work on at least one story a week, it’s resulted in me getting a lot done on multiple stories. I’ll continue to write these, edit and send them out.

I’m pleased with my current output. The more I write, the tighter the stories get. I plan to write update posts like this every few weeks as my project focuses change. I’ll also update if/when I place a story.

Thanks for following along!