Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles

I’m putting together an anthology and I’m seeking support on Kickstarter. I want to gather 100 Drabbles (a story told in 100 words) from 100 new and established authors. The genres will be science fiction, fantasy and horror and all stories will be dark and twisted. It’s my hope that this will showcase the power of the short short story and give authors a chance to show off what they can do in such a small space. I’m seeking backing because I want to pay pro rates to all authors. Feel free to click here to check out the project and help me get it off the ground if it sounds like something you’d be interested in supporting or being apart of. Thanks!



The Goblin Hunter – Flash Fiction

I have a new flash fiction story out today on ZeroFlash Magazine’s website. The piece is a mere 229 words and represents my shortest story to date. ‘The Goblin Hunter’ didn’t really fall into a particular genre and it is a very short story so I decided to go to the route of just getting it out there for this one. Plus, ZeroFlash has a very popular fiction contest every month that turns out some very good fiction. You can read my story for free here.


Back in Action – With a Vengeance!

It’s been a long time. A lot happened in the last year in my personal life. A lot of bad followed by an incredible amount of good. I won’t get into specifics but what I can say is that after April 2017 my writing came to a screeching halt. But since January of this year I’m back – with a vengeance!

For 2018 I set myself a few steep goals. I want to write 10 short stories and be professionally published for the first time. I’m happy to say that I’ve already achieved writing the 10 stories this year. I’m following the advice of my favorite authors Ray Bradbury by churning out short fiction. Each story an improvement on my ability as a writer and my strength in the craft.

I’m only submitting to top markets, that is markets that will pay me at the industry standard that SFWA identifies as .06 a word. It’s a numbers game but my love for flash fiction allows me to get quite a bit out there. I’m hopeful of my goals and will do a much better job of posting here for updates.

It’s good to be back!


May 2017 – Update

I’ve got a new story out in Empyreome Magazine today titled ‘Sins of the Blood’. It’s a dark fantasy story that explores the toll dark magic takes on a person. It can be read for free here if you’re into that sort of thing.

Right now I’m working on two different short fiction projects for two anthologies I’m hoping to submit to. I’ve not appeared in a regular short fiction anthology and I’m eager to get that experience under my belt.

I’ve got a few stories out for submission to pro markets, which can be a bit of a grind but I am hopeful and I can do nothing but improve with continued writing. It’s a tough shell to crack but it will be worth it when I cross that bridge.

Other than that, it’s been a bit of a slow month on the writing front, a fact that I hope to remedy by the end of the month. I’m hoping for a strong summer, to get more stories written and submitted and I hope to have more release news for you soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to follow my email list to get my new releases sent to your inbox, feel free to sign up by clicking the mailbox on the righthand side of the screen. I only send out emails on the day that a story is published.

Thanks for following along.


My Mailing List

I’ve got around to making a mailing list, which can be found on the right sidebar of this site (click the big blue envelope). If you would like to follow along with my publications I will be using this list to send out emails on the publication days of my new works only. I don’t like spam and I’m sure you don’t either so I promise to use this list only for the announcement of publications on publication day and that’s it. With my current rate of getting into magazines and indie pubbing short stories, I expect there to be only one email or less per month. A typical email would be “Hey, this is in this magazine today if you’d like to give it a read” or some such thing. Feel free to join up and thank you for your support.


Valuable Tool for Selling Professional Short Fiction



I picked up Playing the Short Game by Douglas Smith and I’ve already read it twice. Despite the fact that there’s a vast number of books on writing, I’ve not really found many on selling short fiction in modern markets. What this book offers is a valuable resource on the methods of publishing short fiction at the professional level in modern markets as well as information on licensing and relicensing your works, cover letter creation, and how to leverage your short fiction career into a novel career. Douglas Smith has an encouraging and conversational tone that I enjoyed and as one of the more prolific modern short fiction authors out there, his experience is invaluable.

One of the most important things this book taught me was to not sell myself short. Many times I’ll polish up a short story and be rather proud of it and sell it to a semi-pro magazine. Now there’s nothing wrong with semi-pro magazines and I have sold things to these venues before, but I never really try to give the ‘big dogs’ of the industry a chance. I often feel like I shouldn’t even try because who gets into those magazines anyway, right? Well, this book really has shown me how writing short fiction in today’s world is a numbers game more than anything else, that is, writing quality stories and getting as many out in front of editors as possible. It sounds like obvious advice, yet I really hadn’t been following it too well. Often times I would send something out and wait for it instead of immediately beginning work on another piece. My mindset has shifted quite a bit and now I am aiming high from here on out. By the end of the year, I want to place a story in a professionally paying science fiction or fantasy magazine. It’s worth a shot.

Check out Douglas Smith’s Playing the Short Game if you have an interest in writing and selling short fiction at the professional level. This is a book that I’ll have close to my writing desk for a long time.

New Magazine Publication

I woke up this morning with a nice acceptance email from the people over at Empyreome Magazine. I’m excited to appear again in their Weekly Flash series sometime in mid-May. This is an exciting sale for me because this will be my first fantasy story I’ve placed in a magazine. It’s a pretty dark story called ‘Sins of the Blood’ that’s just over 1,000 words and I’m excited to share it with you when it is published. Thanks for following along!

Update – March 2017

Happy Monday,

I’ve just changed up the look of the site. I’m looking for a more simplistic and streamlined look with easy access to my titles on the ‘Home’ page. I hope you’ll give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

I just got an acceptance yesterday. My flash fiction story Breakfast Alone will be reprinted in a future Digital Fiction Pub Quickfic anthology. I’ve got another story, ‘Starlight’, set to appear in a future anthology with them as well and I’m excited to see all the flash fiction that is collected for these. I’ll keep you posted when they publish, presumably later this year.

You may or may not have heard, but Storm Witch, the second title in my short story series The Exiled Crown is now available. I hope you will consider checking it out.

So far this year I’ve written 7/20 of my short story goal. I’ve got 5 stories out to pro markets presently and I’m working on the 3rd story in The Exiled Crown as well as a themed short story collection of all new stories…details to come.

Thanks for following along,


Storm Witch – Out Today

IIIf you’re looking for a short Grimdark read on your lunch break, commute to work, or even if the grim darkness helps you sleep at night, Storm Witch is out today. It’s the second tale in my ongoing series The Exiled Crown. It can be read independently from Forsaken, but some of the elements from the second story are present in that first tale. Storm Witch is about Ayla and her companion Brim taking a contract to kill a witch who has cursed a city with winter in the midst of summer and rescue a princess to get paid some much-needed gold. It’s double the length of Forsaken, around 4,000 words. I hope you’ll check it out and, as always, if you’d like a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review on Goodreads, feel free to contact me. Have a grim and dark day!


Only .99 at all Amazon markets.

Storm Witch:

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