Pro Sale!

I’m excited to share my first professional short fiction sale. My science fiction story “I Love You More” will appear in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, edited by Mike Resnick.

This is a huge step for me in my writing career. I’m very thrilled to have landed my first sale at the professional level and I hope to share other sales of the same caliber with you soon.



New Release: The Teeth of Nibiru

There’s a new short story out by yours truly. “The Teeth of Nibiru” is a dark military science fiction story. A couple marines are sent to investigate lost communications with a UN research team and end up in a firefight with the locals…telepathic alien bloodhounds. You can pick it up for .99 here.

August Update: Short Fiction Roundup

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but I’ve been very productive. Since my last post about my short fiction sale to ArtPost Magazine back on May 8th, I’ve sold thirteen stories and resold two! So here’s the breakdown:

Original Fiction

  • Two science fiction and one horror drabble-length stories and one science fiction flash-length story to Trembling with Fear.
  • A flash-length science fiction story to Exoplanet Magazine.
  •  One horror and two science fiction drabble-length stories to 101 Words.
  • A drabble-length science fiction story to Mad Scientist Journal.
  • A drabble-length horror story to Rhythm & Bones.
  • A flash-length story to Siren’s Call.
  • A short story to the Gunsmoke & Dragonfire anthology.


  • My dark fantasy story “Sins of the Blood” will be reprinted in a future podcast episode of Tales to Terrify.
  • My science fiction flash story “Breakfast Alone” will be reprinted in the January issue of Rhythm & Bones.
  • My drabble “The Astral Queen” will be reprinted in Little Blue Marble.

I’ve updated my Bibliography at the top of the page with links to all works which are available to read for free. Please feel free to check them out and let me know what you think and which are your favorite.


Short Fiction Sale

I made a short fiction sale to ARTPOST Magazine. They’re a new publication that paid .04 a word for my science fiction story – solidly in the semi-pro market scene but also the most I’ve been paid for a story to date. “A Letter to the People of Earth” is a flash piece considering what it might be like if aliens gave humanity the choice of how we wanted to be invaded. It has some dark humor elements to it, I hope you will enjoy it. The story is due out in the July issue so I will post more details as the publication is released. Onto more projects!


May Update

I’ve sold a fantasy Drabble to Trembling With Fear. That’s the second one I’ve sold in the last couple weeks. I’m a regular reader of their content and it’s been nice to land a few stories there.

Both the Timeshift and Drabbledark anthology projects are going well. Timeshift has 22 collected stories, all from experienced authors, many of them big names. I’m really happy with the way it’s coming together, themed around time and time travel. It’s been a cool experience.

I’ve completed the submission process for Drabbledark. There are 100 stories that will be included in the anthology, picked from around 600 submissions. It’s currently seeking backing on Kickstarter if you’re interested in backing it in exchange for an ebook copy of the finished product.

As far as my writing goes, April was a big month for production. I wrote several stories, and polished a few of them. I have ten stories on submission to various venues and I’m very hopeful for some good publication news soon. I’ve started a new challenge with my daily writing. Every day, for productivity purposes, my writing goal is three sentences. This has been a major success for me actually because on the days where I don’t really feel like writing I just try to get my sentences in and often times will find myself writing a thousand or more words. It’s been an interesting challenge and I wish that I had tried something similar earlier. Anyone can write just three sentences, right? Maybe give it a try and let me know if it helps your productivity.

I think that’s all the news I have for now and I hope to bring you more soon. Thanks for reading.


Lots of Moving Pieces

It’s been a busy month, probably the busiest since I began my writing career, but that’s not a bad thing. I’ve been more productive than ever and have quite a bit to show for my efforts.

You may remember I set my goal this year to write ten short stories. I’ve now surpassed the fifteen mark for that goal with five stories written this month so far. Almost all of them have been short pieces of flash fiction, but I’m finding my writing to be more punchy and emotionally driven compared to a lot of my earlier work. I now have over twelve stories on submission to various venues and I’m still working on landing that first pro sale.

In some other news, I began working as a slush reader for Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. It’s a pro venue and while working to wade through their submission pile I’ve learned a lot about good story telling. I’m excited to work for them and hope that it will continue to benefit my development as both a writer and editor beyond what I learned at university.

I decided to cancel the Kickstarter campaign for Drabbledark and come at it from another angle. I want to gather the authors first for the anthology and then seek funding. I think this method will work a lot better. If you feel like challenging yourself to write short, feel free to submit a story for the anthology on the submission page here on the website.

I do have one major announcement which I am very eager to share. I’ve been gathering reprint submissions for an anthology called Timeshift. It’s an anthology themed around stories of time and time travel. I’m excited to say that I’ve gathered some pretty heavy hitters in the genres who have given me some very strong stories. I have stories from Robert Silverberg, Cat Rambo, Alan Baxter, Ken Liu, Kevin J. Anderson, just to name a few. The project is coming along very well and I hope to share more details and a Kickstarter with you very soon. For not I’ll keep writing, keep editing, and we will see what happens.


New Publication Forthcoming with More to Come!

I have a Drabble titled The Astral Queen forthcoming in Trembling with Fear, a Horrified Press Imprint. They’re a quality publication and my Drabble will also be collected in their year end anthology. Kind of nice for a story so small to get so much attention.

I also have 8 stories on submission. Two reprint and six original. I am editing three other stories and have plans for several others. I’m cooking with gas for now and hope to share more publications soon, especially that coveted Pro sale I want so much.

It’s been a good month so far. And if you haven’t given it a chance please check out and consider supporting my kickstarter campaign.

All the best.


Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles

I’m putting together an anthology and I’m seeking support on Kickstarter. I want to gather 100 Drabbles (a story told in 100 words) from 100 new and established authors. The genres will be science fiction, fantasy and horror and all stories will be dark and twisted. It’s my hope that this will showcase the power of the short short story and give authors a chance to show off what they can do in such a small space. I’m seeking backing because I want to pay pro rates to all authors. Feel free to click here to check out the project and help me get it off the ground if it sounds like something you’d be interested in supporting or being apart of. Thanks!