This is a collection of all my published work in order of original publication. Publications in magazines are at the top while my independently published works are below. The list combines all genres.

Magazine Publications

4. “Sins of the Blood”

  • Original Publication: Empyreome Magazine, May 2017 (Read)

3. “Breakfast Alone”

  • Original Publication: Empyreome Magazine, March 2017 (Read)
  • Reprint: Quickfic Anthology by Digital Fiction Publishing, Forthcoming

2. “The Shadows of Self”

  • Original Publication: The Singularity, Forthcoming

1. “Starlight”

  • Original Publication: The Flash Fiction Press, August 2016 (Read)
  • Reprint: 600 Second Saga (Podcast), (Listen)
  • Reprint: Szortal (Polish Translation), Forthcoming
  • Reprint: Quickfic Anthology by Digital Fiction Publishing, Forthcoming

Independent Publications

3. “Storm Witch”

  •, March 2017 (Read)
  • Audible (Listen)

2. “Forsaken”

  •, February 2017 (Read)
  • Audible (Listen)

1. “The Astral Queen”