• “Past Due” in Galaxy’s Edge
  • “Replicas” in Daily Science Fiction
  • “Input: Memories” in Cyborg
  • “Only in Death Do We Live” in Timber Ghost Press


  1. Out With the Old” in Stupefying Stories
  2. Playing Together” in Daily Science Fiction
  3. Through” [Co-written with Rich Larson] in Clarkesworld
  4. “Rehuman” in Flame Tree Press Fiction Newsletter
  5. Prepare for Respawn” in Daily Science Fiction
  6. Give or Take” in Tales to Terrify
  7. Form Rejection” in Daily Science Fiction
  8. Your Recent Application to the CloneMe™ Program” in Trembling with Fear
  9. Clone Care” in Wyldblood
  10. The Locker” in The Deep
  11. Merger” in Stupefying Stories
  12. The Chasm Between Us” in Trembling with Fear
  13. A Tough Day for Sales” in FlashFlood
  14. Roy’s Playland—Half-price on Weekdays!” in Stupefying Stories
  15. A Bag of Soldiers” in Trembling with Fear
    • Reprinted in Tales to Terrify
    • Reprinted in Bullet Points
  16. Outcast” in Stupefying Stories
  17. “The Gambler” in Flash in a Flash Newsletter
  18. Blood Drought” in Inferno! Volume 6
  19. The Bodybuilder’s Club” in Tales to Terrify
  20. War Crimes” in Wyldblood
  21. A Darker World” in Galaxy’s Edge
  22. The Altar” in Galaxy’s Edge
  23. An Urgent Letter to the Editorial Staff!” in Daily Science Fiction
  24. Martian Maintenance” in Galaxy’s Edge
  25. I Love You More” in Galaxy’s Edge
  26. CARE” in Daily Science Fiction
  27. Leeching for Good” in Daily Science Fiction
  28. A Girl Like Us” in Flame Tree Press Fiction Newsletter
  29. Classifieds” in Mad Scientist Journal
  30. Sins of the Blood” in Tales to Terrify
  31. The Astral Queen” in Little Blue Marble
  32. “A Letter to the People of Earth” in Artpost
  33. Breakfast Alone” in Empyreome
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