Forsaken is in Audio

I’m excited to announce that Forsaken, the first story in The Exiled Crown, is now available in audio! It has been narrated by the talented Charlie Boswell and can be had on Audible for 3.95, Amazon for 3.46, and Itunes shortly!

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Forsaken (The Exiled Crown #1)

the-1If you’re a fan of short fiction, be it fantasy short stories or episodic fiction, I am excited to say that my new story Forsaken is available today on Amazon. Forsaken is the first tale in The Exiled Crown series, a short fiction series I have several future stories planned for. I hope you’ll give Forsaken a try and I look forward to seeing how this format is recieved. Forsaken comes in at just over 2,100 words and it’s my first attempt at selling my short fiction independantly rather than through the usual short fiction venues. Forsaken is available at the following links:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

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